Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sharon Stone's Norwegian blunder

Sharon Stone has angered the people of Norway after "breaking royal protocol and upstaging the country's King and Queen at a banquet."

But she's a star! Royal protocol in Europe dictates that when a King and Queen attend an event, everyone is required to be in their seats when the royal couple make their entrance, making them the last to arrive.

Stone offended the Norwegian royals by strolling into the room 10 minutes after the couple, which "has been interpreted by Norwegians as the actress declaring herself more important than the King."

Stone's faux paus also offended several guests, with former palace official Carl-Erik Grimstad calling it a "violation" of international custom. He tells Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten, "When the king is invited to such an event, guests need to have a very good reason for arriving after he does. I'm sure that if she didn't have a good reason, she'll be sorry about it." You think? Sorry for about 10 minutes maybe


Anonymous said...

That is absurd! Upstaging them by being late? -Mr Skin

kjasper said...

Mr. Skin:
there is something called "protocol" which maybe you haven't heard of. I am going to go ahead and assume you are an American, OK? OK, there are traditions with royalty, and although in recent decades we in the west have done all we can to obliterate anything like traditional culture, there are still some places in the world who take that sort of thing very seriously. MS. Stone should have learned what she was supposed to act like at an even where royalty was going to be, and then gone ahead and made sure she went with the local customs at said event. But then she is an American as well, yes? Then we shall assume ignorance and stupidity, and perhaps forgive her.

dave said...

fuck royalty, i'm sorry, but none of you understand the american system of never bowing before royalty. or , if you wish, obeying the rules and regs for royalty. it started with the american revolution. americans, have died over the concept.

Puchkine said...


I am getting sick and tired of Americans thinking they can start each an every discussion with the classy word "f*ck", followed by a load of b*llshit (see, now you're making *me* do it as well! dang! it's contagious!).

When you are invited to an event, you try and follow the rules. And if you don't like royalty or their rules, you should stay away. This is not very complicated and I think even Americans should be able to grasp this.

The mere fact of being "American" doesn't necessarily mean that you are entitled to do everything and anything you like, actress or not.

And now please make my day by replying with a load of profanities, thereby confirming you're a trueblood "American hero". (Try to watch your spelling and punctuation a bit though, that seems to be a weak part in USA education from what I can see on most blogs.... (sigh!)

Anonymous said...

She was undoubtedly advised by protocol officers prior to the event - that's how they ensure guests know the proper procedure to follow. She's just being her normal c*nt-like self.


Anonymous said...

Oh, look: Some stupid, arrogant Euromorons with chips on their shoulders. Grow up and calm down.

Stone's a moron for not following protocol: Jaded, above, has it right: She's a c*nt, case closed. Fine.

Meanwhile, you poor dumb racist Euros have treated your Muslim immigrants so badly, for so long, that they've simply given up. The rioting is stupid, but what else are they going to do? You'll never treat them as equals, and they know it. You'll go to any lengths to lick a king's boots the right way but you refuse to treat somebody with dark skin like a human being.

You fools enslaved half the world because you had the idiotic idea that you're civilized and the rest of the world is barbaric. You still think that way. You're still wrong. Grow up.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, at 5:17 PM, you are as big a cunt as S.S. herself.

Anonymous said...

Yeah because america has treated the muslim world so well .... *cough*

Palm Springs Savant said...

I just ran into Sharon Stone at a Humanitarian Awards event in Palm Springs. I posted some photos and info on my blog at:

Anonymous said...

Sharon who?

Anonymous said...

i live in holland and we have a queen here. i dont really know what her function is, but i do know she costs me money. royalty is bullshit, kings and queens need to act up. their shit stinks too. having to enter a room before a so-called more important person....out of respect...(whitch i dont see returned when you fuck up) is bullshit protocol.

and who would wanna eat with royalty anyway?

Anonymous said...

oh, and as for tradition, it dissappears almost everywhere.. perhaps kings and queens should make theirselves usefull and put a stop to it.

they could do this by not allowing government companies to be sold to other countries or private parties.

we used to make boats.. that was us. our culture. now we buy boats from the japanese.

i think royalty sucks.. but i'm not disrespecting tradition when i say that.

same guy as anonymous 9.17 and 9.30AM.

Anonymous said...

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