Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Jolie says giving birth is easier than adoption

Angelina Jolie insists "adoptive parents are more fit to raise a child than biological parents, because their background and personality is thoroughly scrutinized to see if they're suitable for the challenge."

Jolie was put through stringent tests before being granted permission to adopt Maddox, five, and Zahara, one. But when she gave birth to baby Shiloh- nobody investigated her suitability as a mother.

She says, "It should be hard to be a parent period. I go through many things to adopt. "I'm finger-printed, I'm checked, I go through home studies. I have to prove I'm a decent citizen; a good human being. That didn't happen to me when I gave birth, so it's interesting that there's no background check when you bring a child into your home in that way."

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Anonymous said...

When did Angie start making so much sense? You go, grrrl!

Even more a reflection of "our" (western) society - you need a license for a dog, and not a baby...