Thursday, December 14, 2006

Kitty will definitely scratch The O

Kitty Kelley is doing an unauthorized biography on Oprah. "Oprah Winfrey has fascinated me for many years -- as a woman, she has wielded an unprecedented amount of influence over the American culture and psyche," Kelley said in a statement yesterday.

Kelley's best sellers include biographies of Frank Sinatra, Nancy Reagan and the Bush family. She is known to get the dirty dish. Kelley "plans to interview hundreds of sources, many of whom have never before spoken on the record about her subject," the publisher said. Oh goody!

"She has built an empire around her personality and has been one of American's most admired business women and philanthropists," Kelley said in her statement. "Oprah's story is one of hope, promise and realization of the American dream." Seriously. Now spill it!

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