Friday, December 15, 2006

Who needs Pammy?

Not Kid Rock. He has moved Tommy Lee's ex-girlfriend, Erin Naas. Such a tight circle. A source said Erin "caught Kid's eye at a Billboard Awards party in Las Vegas earlier this month. Erin is now seeing Kid."

The two had their first date at the Sage Room in Malibu where they shared pizza and wine. "She was laughing at his stories and seemed to be having a great time," a witness said. So what's Pam up to? Hanging with Travis Barker....What's next? Shanna Moakler and Tommy Lee?

In Touch


Anonymous said...

She doesn't help him in anyway. She just gets drunk with him.

Anonymous said...

Not sure who is the loser in this relationship....a failed, washed up, has been so called musician (bit of a stretch here) or a failed, washed up, heavy coke addict, has been so called former model...