Thursday, December 21, 2006

Gibson's "love child" gets 20k for story

An Aussie woman claiming to be Mel Gibson's "secret love child" has sold her story to a UK tabloid for more than $20,000.

Carmel Sloane, 29, alleges her mother Marilyn was picked up by Gibson while she was hitchhiking in Australia in 1976 and she was conceived in the back of the car. Nice.

According to Sydney's Daily Telegraph, Sloane, the divorced mother of one, and her mother have been paid more than $20,000 for their tawdry tale. Sloane's ex-husband, Glenn, who has custody of their son Jordan, 10, is furious that he didn't receive any warning that their child would be linked to the story.

He explains, "I was so upset and shocked. People were ringing me about the story and I wasn't prepared to protect my son." When asked if he had spoken to his ex-wife about the claims since the story broke, he said, "She's denying the whole thing." He added that the paternity claims were "mentioned during our relationship, but I always thought it was a crock."

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