Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Angry Naomi goes on the steady

Naomi Campbell's recent community service may have brought her back down to earth a little. Possible? Campbell told Access Hollywood, "It was humbling and I just got to be with people and learn a lot about people that I would never really get to meet in my job. Everyone was well mannered and very straight up with me and I was straight up with them."

Naomi also made a little buddy while working, "He's become a friend of mine - he and his wife... I got to have dinner with he and his wife during that week, which was really nice."

She now says, "I'm in an honest place with myself. I think, like, seven years ago, I was in a place of denial, which I'm not in anymore. I think I've had to look at the people I have around me and I need honesty in my life today... I don't have any yes people left in my life."

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