Friday, April 27, 2007

Crazy lady tries to kill Jesse James!

A nutty woman tried to kill Sandra Bullock's husband, Jesse James, outside their California home last Sunday.

Orange County sheriff's spokesman Jim Amormino said, "At around 10:40 a.m. James found the suspect, Marcia Valentine, lying on their driveway. He told her to leave, but instead she got into her 2004 silver Mercedes and tried to run him over three to four times....Valentine tried to kill him." What on earth?

Sandra and James's 10-year-old son, Jesse Jr., watched the whole attack. Bless their hearts!

"Both Jesse James and Sandra Bullock are fine and it is now in the hands of the authorities," Bullock's rep said.

After the attack, Valentine fled the scene. However, the following day- an officer recognized her car and arrested her for assault with a deadly weapon. She has since posted $25,000 bail, and is due in court on May 22. Valentine has actually stalked Sandra in the past. Jesse is obviously standing in this woman's way. Creepy.


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