Monday, April 02, 2007

Birkhead and the bitter lawyer

TMZ is reporting that Larry Birkhead received a Fed Ex from Debra Opri on Saturday- containing a 112 page bill for legal services. The grand total: $620,492.84.

Opri billed her services out at $475 an hour. Take a gander at some of the ridiculous charges:

- A total of three $1,500 monthly charges for Luck Media & Marketing, Opri's personal publicist.

- March 8, 2007, Opri billed $161.65 for an Outback Steakhouse dinner. And get this-- the bill was for $111.65. Opri left a $50 tip and billed Birkhead, who wasn't even there!

- Opri billed Birkhead $4,265 for Cingular roaming service while she was in the Bahamas.

- Opri billed Birkhead 18 times for a limo service that took them to and from the Ft. Lauderdale courthouse to the private residence.

- October 22, 2006, Opri billed Birkhead $1,116.16 for a dinner at Graycliff, a restaurant in Nassau. The note next to the charge is "Alexiou atty mtg." Alexiou is Birkhead's lawyer in the Bahamas. Birkhead was not present.

- The next day, October 23, Opri billed $2,467.75 at Graycliff restaurant for another meal. The charge again was for "Alexiou atty mtg." Again, Birkhead was not present.



DrDiSaia said...

Lawyers are smarter than doctors....they bill and get paid.


DrDiSaia said...

Come to think of does she expect him to pay that?

Kelly said...

You know she ain't getting paid though. Birkhead will go bankrupt first.

Anonymous said...

This is standard procedure even when the attorney expects to never collect the money. The agreement is that if the client ever has the kind of money to pay those bills, he will pay them.

The lawyer has these expenses and has to account for them on her records for IRS.