Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Ray Ray says no to sequins and velour

Rachel Ray is on the detail when it comes to her tv audience and their attire. Star reports that Ray sends out "strict guidelines to potential audience members about what they can and cannot wear." Besides prints, sweats and tank tops, the banned items include capri pants and ripped jeans. Also on her NO list: sequins, velour pantsuits and T-shirts...What the?

Ray Ray even suggests that the audience should wear deep blue, red or even a nice green. Geez...easier to get into Hyde. Apparently producers reserve the right to turn you away if you're not dressed to par. Other "no-nos" include gum chewing and repeat attendance at tapings.



DarthPaul said...

What is this, PE?. Why not just issue a uniform at the door? Rachael Ray sucks and is on permanent boycott. SCREW YOUR FASCIST, RACIST CAMPAIGN, RAY!!

Anonymous said...

Please get over yourself. I have.

Mike V. said...

man, she's out of her skull.
not really a revelation, but still.

screw her, she used to be somewhat fun to watch, but she turned into a loudmouthed, bloated, red-faced caricature of her old self.

Anonymous said...

Give up! Your show is not worth watching, your husband likes to pee on hookers and you have no idea how we think of you. Go back to the mountains and never come back.

Anonymous said...

Well she's one to talk. I have yet to stomach her "talk" show, but I know from watching her various Food Network shows that she needs some serious help when it comes to picking out what to wear. Homegirl REALLY shouldn't be tucking in those shirts. They only emphasize the lack of breasts and the wideness of those hips. As for the reddish face, well that comes from all the booze she swills on her shows.
Well I guess (according to her "dress code") she's trying to weed out any Tony Soprano types in their velvet tracksuits. With such a strict dress code/attendance rules I'm suprised anyone's in the audience. For all we know, they're all cardboard cut outs!!!

Anonymous said...

It's about what looks good on film with the lighting in the studio. I went to a taping of Oprah last week, and it was the same deal...though her production team prefers pastels. They minutely arranged audience members based on color palette to make their shots more interesting. On the website they request no whites or creams because the color is too reflective (ie sequins). Oprah and her guests stuck to blacks and dark colors.