Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Cruise is jealous of Brangelina

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes refused to sell pictures of their new daughter Suri, after the photos were offered to the media and failed to get as much money as baby Brangelina.

Photos of Shiloh were reportedly sold to People magazine for $4 million, but pictures of Suri Cruise produced not more than a $3 million bid.

At that point the offer for the photos was reportedly rescinded. Aww, just like high school. A "magazine expert" said now that the baby is nearly three months old, her price will only go down, adding, "Shiloh was the whole deal. We won't see a baby like that again for a while."


2 Dollar Productions said...

Much like the box office for MI3 everything seems to be going down for Cruise lately.

There might be a lesson, however, as I think I read that wants to have 9 more kids and he'll sell those pics a lot faster next time.

Kelly said...

You're right Gabs...
How VERY junior high.

yo said...

PEOPLE!!! There is no baby Suri!!!