Saturday, June 17, 2006

I'll play Bobby and you'll play Tiffany

Bobby Brown recently joined performers Whoopi Goldberg and Wanda Sykes on a Caribbean cruise to help raise money for historically black universities.

Brown was all about America's Next Top Model contestant Tiffany Richardson. An eyewitness said during his first few shows, he pulled Tiffany, 24, onstage with him and said, "You are so fine, girl. Tyra knows she was wrong for what she did to you. You should have won."

The witness said Brown also 'pretended' to perform sex acts on her while the crowd went nuts. No! Yes. The two were spotted together at 4am getting off the elevator and going into Bobby's cabin. They were also seen together for the next few days in the casino and the dining room.

The spy said, "When someone asked Tiffany what Whitney might think of her hanging out with Bobby, she said, 'She's not here.'" Snap!

In Touch

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Jenni said...

I would think the last thing anyone would want to do is piss of Whitney.

Shit, someone's going to jail and it's most probably going to be Whitney.