Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Tiger back in the game

Tiger Woods said he is ready to compete in the 106th annual U.S. Open. "I'm very excited the way I've played at home, and even more excited the way I've played here," Woods said. "I'm looking forward to Thursday."

Woods said that until recently the thought of playing again was hard to bear because it would remind him of his father Earl, who'd taught him the game and who died of prostate cancer at 74 last month.

"I really had no desire to get back to the game of golf because of all the memories," Woods said. "I know that Dad would still want me to go out there and grind it and give it my best, and that's what I always do. That's what I will certainly try to do this week."


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neal gardner said...

My father, who also recently passed away, was the man who, many many years ago, potty-trained me.

Every time I see a toilet, it reminds me of my poor father. I am so grief-stricken that I have not gone to the bathroom in three weeks.