Saturday, June 24, 2006

Rest in Peace...Aaron Spelling

Aaron Spelling died in his mansion near Beverly Hills on Friday. He was 83.

The cause of death was complications from the stroke he'd suffered on June 18. Spelling's wife, Candy, and son Randy, 27, were by his side. It was not known whether his daughter Tori, 33, was present.


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kath said...

Tori was in Canada with her new husband, Dean McDermott...she was also there on Father's Day. She has apparently been estranged from her family since leaving her first husband early in their marriage for Dean. Dean was also married to Mary Jo Eustace (another Canadian) and they have a son and had just adopted a newborn daughter within months of his leaving his wife for Tori. I'm sure she feels sad that she wasted the time she could have spent with her father...9 months that she will never get back. Sad.