Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Madonna kicks Brit to the curb

Madonna has ended her friendship with Britney Spears, after Brit announced she was no longer studying Kabbalah.

Old Madge had reportedly taken Spears under her wing and spent a great deal of time and money educating her about the "mystical offshoot of Judaism."

According to The Scoop, Madonna is also demanding Spears return a 12th century book on Kabbalah she gave to the singer as a wedding gift. Niiice. A source says, "Madonna spent months teaching Britney the Kabbalah system, and splashed out thousands on the ancient scripture for her. She feels she has wasted time, money and precious gifts on Brit." Spears, who was raised a Baptist, has allegedly been working with a "Christian life coach" to help her through recent emotional rough patches.

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