Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Dan Baldwin pegs Hummer across LA

Daniel Baldwin is in police custody and could face DUI charges after crashing into a pair of parked cars while driving at about 80 mph through Los Angeles. Weeeee

A police spokesman said Baldwin was spotted weaving through traffic at 80 miles per hour in a silver Thunderbird. He ran a red light before crashing into two cars, including a Hummer which was launched 20 feet by the impact. Police say Baldwin was driving the car, a rental, with a suspended license.



FatMom said...


Apres Ski said...

Ever since this dude sold his soul to the Devil, he's been hell on wheels!! ROTFLOL!! Now, it sounds like he's trying to get it back & the Devil said . . . NOT!!

Aren't his eyes a weird shade of green? Tons of people in Hollyweird have their eyes this color and they don't wear contacts. What's happening to all the brown eyes in Hollyweird?

The Devil is very busy in Hollyweird!