Monday, January 22, 2007

Alley wants The O's man

Kirstie Alley is still trying to lose weight. Yes, she still does Jenny Craig, but she just can't reach that final goal. Kirstie hasn't updated her Jenny Craig blog since last year. What happend to her after the Oprah revealing? In Touch reports that Alley has turned to Oprah for help. She asked if she could borrow Oprah's personal trainer, Bob Green, to help her lose the "last" 15 pounds.

Oprah didn't want to share her man, so she had Bob record a workout video just for the 53 year old Kirstie. Word is Kirstie watches the 90 minute video every day while eating her lunch.

In Touch


Anonymous said...

that was nice of oprah...she didnt have to share.

AlternateReality said...

I hate Oprah. Who the hell is she? She doesn't own Bob, so why can't Kirstie use him, too????

texas_bunny said...

Can't stand this D-Lister loudmouth. She looks HUGE, even with all the airbrushing! That's not a very good example for trying Jenny Craig. Try Jenny and you'll stay fat is what this says!