Friday, January 05, 2007

Liz Hurley...ready to wed and have another baby

Elizabeth Hurley will wear a 4,000 pound, pink silk sari by Indian designer Tarun Tahiliani for her "traditional Indian-style wedding" to Arun Nayar in March.

"Nayar and Hurley are said to have their hearts set on the Devigarh palace in Rajasthan for their traditional wedding," The Times of India reported. The newspaper said the area is known for its opulent palaces.

Hurley, 41, said back in August that she planned to marry Nayar, an Indian businessman, "very soon" and that she was also thinking of having a baby with him.


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I64eiteewsS said...

I was thinking, wow, she must be really strong... but then I realized, currency, not weight. LOL :)