Saturday, January 27, 2007

Mickey Rourke calls out parvo pet shop in South Beach

Mickey Rourke purchased a Chihuahua pup for a friend back in December at Hot Dogs (Puppies) Inc. in South Beach. The new puppy died only three days later. Rourke claims the shop is selling puppies with parvo.

"It stuns me that people can be so cruel to sell sick animals just to make a buck," Mickey said. Other customers have come forward to say the puppies they had purchased at the store had died also. Three complaints were filed against the store in 2006. Two were dropped- and one is still under investigation.

Apparently, Mickey was so mad about the puppy dying, he grabbed three friends and went up to the shop to confront the staff. Store co-owner Marysol Tobon said Mickey "threatened to close down the store" and Miami police were called to the scene. Mickey could be "arrested for trespassing if he enters the store again," the owners said.

Tobon retorts, "It angers us that a man who thinks he is still a celebrity would try to tarnish our good name." Well, then! Hopefully, for this pet shop person, they are not selling sick animals.

The Enquirer

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