Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Quote of the day

"I'm very gassy. But I feel like I can telegraph my farts....If it is going to be funky, I'll let it out and I'll be like. 'Dang!' Who did that?"

Tyra Banks


Anonymous said...

First. But even I don't care/

Michael said...


I would love for you to be just chatting away on your show and then tell your guest to hold that though, then lift a cheek and let it fly. Now that would be hot.

Anonymous said...

I think Tyra's show is lame. She is trying WAY too hard!
I mean she had a pantie party!

Anonymous said...

That show was great. Its about time some pretty women just admitted they fart. That's always been taboo for girls to fart maybe one thing is changing for the better after all.