Monday, January 08, 2007

Hilary Swank is ready to give

Hilary Swank has a cool New Year's resolution. She has vowed to give away the freebies she's picked up at awards shows over the recent years. Like Ed Norton, she's feeling guilty about receiving so many lavish gift bags all the time. She says that when she was a struggling actress- she was so broke she had to buy outfits for auditions and take them back to the store the next day. Isn't it refreshing when people actually remember where they came from and what it's like?

She says, "Now, I'm getting all these free things thrown at me and it's so strange. My New Year's resolution is to get rid of some stuff because I bring it in and I can't get rid of it. With my background, and how I grew up; I didn't grow up with a lot of stuff and now I just have this terrible thing." What goes around comes around....

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