Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Aguilera plans for pain-free birth

Word is Christina Aguilera has scheduled a C-section for January 10, so she can "avoid the pain of natural childbirth." Whatever you need to tell yourself....

Despite already throwing a baby shower earlier this month, Christina is planning another shower for her "close friends."

"Christina will be having a second baby shower at the Hotel Bel-Air over Christmas with just her friends because she doesn't have enough"

Xtina is said to be considering the names Jackson, Jake and Max for their first-born. "Although Christina and Jordan want to make up their minds on a name before the birth, part of them wants to wait and see what the baby's personality is like before assigning a name for life."



Anonymous said...

Boy, is she gonna be in for a shock! Natural childbirth can be pretty painful, yes, but it's a walk in the park compared to major abdominal surgery!

MSBABY said...

LOL! Didn't we all think that birth was going to be a little less physically taxing than it actually was? The more natural you go the quicker you recover if my experience is any indication. Everybody's delivery is different. Somehow I doubt that she will share details.

Jan from Unique Baby Gear, Baby Room Themes and Nursery Decorating Ideas

TawniAline said...

BWAHAHAHA :) lol- sorry- that's all i have to say :D hope she comes to her senses before its too late :)

shrimpfriedrice said...

What if the baby's personality says "Damien"?