Monday, December 03, 2007

It's been a long time, been a long time

Led Zeppelin's first rehearsal was raging, according to Female First. Robert Plant and Jimmy Page were so "fired up" after their very first practice, they went in for a group hug.

Jason Bonham said, "I didn't think there would be an instant sound. I thought, 'It's going to take some time.' But as soon as they started playing the classic 'No Quarter' it was if they had never been apart." Bonham will replace his late father, John Bonham on the drums for their December 10th show in London.

"When the riff came in there was this look that went around. It was brilliant. And the band was so fired up after the run-through of the next song we did, 'Kashmir', that Jimmy and Robert insisted on embracing."

"Jimmy said, 'Can you give me a hug?' and Robert shouted, 'Yeah, sons of thunder.'" Plant added, "It was cathartic and therapeutic. We got through it and it rocked."

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