Thursday, December 06, 2007

McCartney introduces Arquette to daughter

Word is Paul McCartney has introduced new girlfriend Rosanna Arquette to his four year old daughter, Beatrice.

A source claims, "For Rosanna to be welcomed into Paul's inner sanctuary means he thinks a great deal of her. They are an item. They have been together since August. Why else would he take her to his country estate to meet his little girl? He is checking her out."

The Sun/Image


Speedmonkey said...

Is Paul losing it? I guess the poor guy will never come close to the feelings he had with Linda... but why not at least shack up with a young bird..enjoy your last few days Paul!! Bless 'em.

Anonymous said...

Stoopid old fart just jumps back into the fire and opens his arms for more pain and misery. Linda was fed up with his miserly, rude and mean ways many years before she died. Arquette is gonna bust your brains dude if you look at her snarky.