Monday, December 17, 2007

Texas says...Dump Jessica!

The Dallas Cowboys played The Eagles yesterday and lost 10-6. Texas radio and commentary is already buzzing with "Romo needs to dump Jessica" this morning.

Defense had a great game, but poor Romo couldn't complete any passes because Jessica was staring him down from the lux a Cowboy's jersey. What? Isn't that what you do after dating for a couple of weeks? How high schoolish. Was his letter jacket behind her seat?

Romo ended the game with a rating of just 22.2 – the worst ever in his entire career. Ironically, his previous low was last December, when Carrie Underwood was in the stands. Pattern?

The Dallas Morning News says when Jessica hopped out of Romo's SUV before the game, a female fan yelled, "Worry about the game- not your girlfriend!" Nice try lady.

Dallas radio dudes Lex and Terry have offered any fan $1000 if they are caught at the next Cowboy's game in a freeze shot wearing a "Dump Jessica" t-shirt.

"They played well; we didn't play well," coach Wade Phillips said. "That's what it came down to." We hope for the Cowboy's sake that this isn't one of Papa Joe's publicity stunts.

Update: Sources say Jessica has rented a house for an "extended stay" in a North Dallas neighborhood. Later Super Bowl.

Image: I'm Not Obsessed

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Exyank said...

Do you suppose she's got his class ring on a chain around her neck, too?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Papa Joe is ready to give up Jess's boobs to another man.

shrimpfriedrice said...

I'm just hoping she doesn't have something else on a chain around her neck . . .