Friday, December 21, 2007

Lynne Spears is moving forward with her book

Extra reports that Lynne Spears is moving forward with her family story. In addition, Thomas Nelson, Inc. claims that the new book "is not a manual on how to parent: It's a warning."

"From the onset, the media have inaccurately reported that Lynne Spears' book is a parenting book. I'm sure this helps fuel tabloid readership, but it's simply not true," said Michael S. Hyatt, president and CEO of Thomas Nelson. "Lynne's memoir will provide a window into the real-life world of fame and worldly success, including the toll it extracts from some who aspire to it. It will provide a much-needed corrective to a world obsessed with the wrong priorities."

He added, "We believe in redemption. Therefore, we are standing by Lynne and her family during this difficult time." Rumors surfaced saying the book would be put off indefinitely, after 16-year-old Jamie Lynn announced her pregnancy. The book's original release was set for 2008.


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