Monday, December 03, 2007

Jess Simpson and Tony Romo's hot Cowboy date

My source tells me that Simpson and Romo hit Glass Cactus at the Gaylord Hotel in Grapevine, Texas Monday night. The stetson couple partied down at Cowboy's wide receiver Terrell Owen's swinging birthday party. So who showed up? Jaime Foxx, Michael Jordan, Serena Williams, Gabrielle Union, Destiny’s Child, some random pussycat dolls and Ashton name a few. Ashton Kutcher? What the hell?

Romo and Simpson are on it like a duck on a junebug...You know they are so getting married. Go Somo!

Update: Jessica was on the guest list and confirmed but she was a no show for the event.



Anonymous said...

"Like a duck on a junebug" is my new favorite phrase :)

Anonymous said...

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