Wednesday, January 31, 2007

For the love of Gab

Have some flour

Little Aniston is getting fiesty

You will WANT this puppy

Portman in Prague

Ashlee Simchin

Have some man milk bottles

Tyra's chub report

Pete Dougherty: troubling, eerie...the usual. By the way, NSFW and high nausea factor

Men really DO dig the chick flicks....really!

Busted! Another man secret is out. According to a new study, professor Richard Harris from Kansas State University asked 250 men and women to watch a romantic movie together and record their level of enjoyment, with seven being the highest score.

Women rated about a six and the men scored about 4.8, which is "much higher than people would have guessed and went against the usual stereotypes," Harris said.

Harris mentioned the usual scenario of us bitches dragging the men to the girly shows. "What was significant was that the guys also liked the movies, and that the choice to view a romantic movie was usually made together as a couple, not just by the girl."

Harris also asked the subjects to pick their dream scene they would like to play in the movie and "most women selected a romantic scene for themselves and their date, but guessed their date would pick a sex scene." Speaking of stereotypical. Harris said the number was not nearly as high as expected.

He said, "movie studio executives should put aside stereotypes about 'chick flicks' and recognize the fact that there is a moderate interest among men in romantic movies."

"There are a lot of men who go to these romantic movies and enjoy them. I wouldn't write off the male audience just because it is a romantic film. I would suggest marketing to the men in the audience," Harris says.


Sashay shante, shante, shante, shante

Mandy Moore, Diane Keaton and Piper Perabo (pulling the Rupaul) at the premiere of Because I Said So

Photo: Oh no they didn't

Hugh Grant will not attend Hurley's wedding

Hugh Grant was not invited to ex-girlfriend/good pal Elizabeth Hurley's wedding. Liz is marrying Indian businessman Arun Nayar in March in Britain "before joining up with guests for an extravagant five-day wedding celebration in India."

Hugh isn't shocked. He knows finger sucking might upset the guests. Grant said, "That's not surprising. I don't think many people invite their ex when they get married, so I'm not at all bitter, and there's no bad feeling or weirdness, we're (Grant and girlfriend Jemima Khan) just not invited."

Mary Kate! Ashley! Wait for meeee

Nicole Richie in Hollywood. That car looks perfect for her

Fresh and clean

New mom Heidi Klum out for a shoe shop

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Passing the Gab

Roly poly fishheads

B!tches aint sh!t but ho's and tricks

Surreal juice

Spread eagle in a bodystocking

The gay of Cook Islands

J Lo's dad is in the cult

Don't judge the Hep

Personal Paris

Cruise control

Brit really does have two babies...really

Pappy Pitt

Tony likes Eva raw

Parker & Longoria in Hollywood...that is Eva right?


The Police will perform at this year's Grammys ceremony on February 11. The group will open the event 23 years after breaking up.

Sting, Stewart Copeland and Andy Summers last performed together in 2003 when they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Check it out!

What the hell happened to Fergie?

Sienna Miller and Mena Suvari (my mistake) at the "Factory Girl" New York City Premiere

J & J in Florida

Simpson & John Mayer are still chillin in Florida while he tours. Word is they are "coming out" at the Grammy Awards on Feb 11. Can we stand all of this warmth and affection? Get a room!

Proof is in the pudding

Ben Stiller and Scarlett Johansson are this year's recipients of the annual Hasty Pudding awards, given by a student drama group at Harvard University.

The awards are given to actors who have made a "lasting and impressive contribution to the world of entertainment" by Hasty Pudding Theatricals, the nation's oldest undergraduate drama troupe. Halle Berry and Richard Gere were honored last year.

Johansson will lead a parade through Cambridge on Feb. 15, then attend a roast in her honor and receive the "Pudding Pot." Oh yeah, Stiller's ceremony is on Feb. 23.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Gab around town

Who looked hot at The SAG Awards?

Jessica Simpson slinking around

K Fed's career peak

Paula the sad clown

Katie's comeback

Nikki Taylor is suing E!

The dirty...and I mean dirrrty on Paris

Brandy and the fatal car crash

Photo: Yeeeah!

Colder than a polar bear's toe nail

MK Olsen in LA...damn, what's the temp?

Prayers for Angelina

Marcheline Bertrand, actress and mother of Angelina Jolie, died on Saturday at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Bertrand, pictured far left, battled cancer for over seven-and-a-half years. She was surrounded by her children, Angelina and son James Haven, as well as Jolie's partner, Brad Pitt. She was 56.

When Shiloh was born in May, Bertrand said, "My heart is overflowing with joy with the new arrival of Brad and Angelina's third child. Maddox, Zahara and Shiloh are deeply loved children. They have very kind and caring parents who love and support each other in every way."

A private funeral is planned, and the family requests that in lieu of flowers or gifts, donations be made to the Women's Cancer Research Institute at Cedars-Sinai.


Saturday, January 27, 2007

Staying hot and hydrated

Jessica Biel in Brentwood

Gab on a Sat

Disney dream

Brit is a cheap ho

Kelly O naked

Amazon attack

Droopy dog

Hilary moves on

The Web Celeb 25

Lohan is already pissing off her peers

Today's top goss

Mickey Rourke calls out parvo pet shop in South Beach

Mickey Rourke purchased a Chihuahua pup for a friend back in December at Hot Dogs (Puppies) Inc. in South Beach. The new puppy died only three days later. Rourke claims the shop is selling puppies with parvo.

"It stuns me that people can be so cruel to sell sick animals just to make a buck," Mickey said. Other customers have come forward to say the puppies they had purchased at the store had died also. Three complaints were filed against the store in 2006. Two were dropped- and one is still under investigation.

Apparently, Mickey was so mad about the puppy dying, he grabbed three friends and went up to the shop to confront the staff. Store co-owner Marysol Tobon said Mickey "threatened to close down the store" and Miami police were called to the scene. Mickey could be "arrested for trespassing if he enters the store again," the owners said.

Tobon retorts, "It angers us that a man who thinks he is still a celebrity would try to tarnish our good name." Well, then! Hopefully, for this pet shop person, they are not selling sick animals.

The Enquirer

It's alive

Lindsay Lohan on set of "I Know Who Killed Me" in LA

Friday, January 26, 2007


Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant at "Music and Lyrics" press conference in London...she is looking fab

Photo: Gossip Rocks

Pam Anderson is dating George Clooney

Pam Anderson and George Clooney recently had a private hookup. The two had dinner at the Valley Inn in Sherman Oaks, California. George had the VIP room reserved and set up for his secret dinner.

A source told the Enquirer, "They were casually dressed. George was wearing a windbreaker and slacks while Pam was in tight blue jeans, a navel baring white shirt and stilettos."

The spy continues, "At one point during the meal, the two were playfully throwing small pieces of lettuce from the salad at each other, and later, Pam was sitting on George's knee. They were obviously enjoying each other's company."

The Madonna Family

Madonna, Guy Richie, Lourdes and Rocco at the "Arthur and the Invisibles" London Premiere

Whooo is that?!

Hello!! Paris Hilton out and about with a pal...Hummuna hummuna

Let's move to LA, expose ourselves and get a divorce!

David and Victoria Beckham are reportedly considering an offer to star in their own reality TV show. The series would concentrate on the family adapting to life in Los Angeles. Word is Fox made the offer and the carnival's tentative title is "Living with the Beckhams"

A source tells People, "At the moment, neither David nor Victoria are very famous in the States, but starring in their own show on one of America's biggest channels would catapult them to instant stardom."

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Gab on a Thursday

Nicole Kidman in accident

The chub on Tyra

Janice Dickinson on the outburst

Wasted Paula report

Heather Mills...Gold Digger 101

Jessica, John and the boob

Are Nick and Vanessa tying the knot?

Tiger attack

Let's do horizontal

John Mayer and Jessica Simpson already correlate, aww. Jessica is hanging out with Mayer while he is currently on tour.

Photo: LoveFashionRock via JJB

Gisele and Tom Brady are on

People is reporting that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and supermodel Gisele Bundchen are a hot new item. They claim that Tom, 29, and Gisele, 26, "started dating just before Christmas."

The Boston Herald reported that Gisele was seen waiting for Brady outside the Patriots locker room in January. A Chargers rep said that Bundchen "was in the stands. I'm 100 percent sure. A Charger employee saw her walking in concourse area."


Katie in Paris

John John's ex-girlfriend sells her secrets

Actress Christina Haag has snagged $1.2 million in advance for her upcoming book about her past relationship with JFK Jr.

A source told the New York Daily News, "They knew each other from attending Brown University, so the book is going to cover the party years." Apparently, John cheated on her with Madonna.

The nitty-gritty will also include Haag's awkward relationship with John's mother, Jacqueline Onassis. A source said, "Jackie never approved of Christina because she was an actress."

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Leo & Bar are fine

Celebrity Nation

Anne Heche...going back to girls?

Anne Heche has split from her husband Coley Laffoon, according to People.

"They have decided to separate after five years of marriage. They have requested that they be allowed their privacy at this time," their rep said.

Laffoon, 33, and Heche, 37, wed in 2001, and have a 4-year-old son, Homer.

ET reports that Anne is involved with her costar, James Tupper. Heche's rep had no comment on that relationship. Tupper split from his wife back in November. His rep had no comment. Meaning, yes... they are hooking up.


Gab a sip of this

Ray Ray hops on the racist train

Hefner gags at the thought of Kelly O

Shout out to Mark Wahlberg...hey oh!

Greatest guitar solos ever

Who will hit rehab next?


David & Vickie dipped in wax

What's the deal with John & Jessica?

Sienna thinks she is too good for Bond

Be sure to watch the new episode of Real World Denver tonight on MTV at 10pm...good drama tonight!


Katie Holmes in Paris

Anna Nicole failed to show up for DNA test

A judge in the Anna Nicole Smith baby circus has temporarily blocked an order forcing her daughter to undergo paternity testing, an attorney said.

Ronald A. Rale, an attorney for Anna, "questioned the legality of the test, saying Bahamian authorities needed to grant work permits before an American doctor could conduct the test."

The judge granted a stay pending a Feb. 7 hearing, Rale said.

Birkhead's attorney, Debra Opri, called Rale's request "a delay tactic." Gosh, you think? She claimed the test was scheduled between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. Tuesday but Smith never showed up. Anna has made it clear she will never have the test done. Hang in there Birkhead...she will be forced to follow the law eventually

Modern day Raggedy Ann

Lindsay Lohan's ad for Miu Miu

Photo: Oh no they didn't

Put down the Chunky Monkey!

Lil' Kim is ready to help find a new Pussycat Doll

Photo: JJB

Grab some Gab

Tom Cruise aka cult leader

Vaughn a trois

Tawdry Tara works Sundance

Janet Jackson boob

The lowdown on J Simpson and her boyfriend


Mandy & AM get down on it

Photo: Reuters

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Hot like salsa

Eva Longoria in the UK mag Arena

SPF dressed me today ya'll!

There's a reason little Sean Preston was named the World's Worst Dressed Man last year!

Have a million to burn?

Call Christina Aguilera! She'll stop by. Her latest gig was a performance at a private birthday party for 84 Lumber founder Joe Hardy III. Aguilera reportedly makes $1.5 million per private event. She received the same amount in 2005 for singing at the wedding of Russian tycoon Andrei Melnichenko. Not bad for a little pocket change...


Does Ash have a new boyfriend?

The Simpson Sisters in West Hollywood

Photos: Gossip Rocks

Monday, January 22, 2007

Hey there

Cosmopolitan honors Nick Lachey as "Fun Fearless Man of the Year"