Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Okay. Meet me at the park. Hurry.

Hillary Duff & the Good Charlotte guy...sorry, slow news day


neal gardner said...

hillary's assistant apparently puts up with a lot of crap.

"Hey, assistant, chase after me as I run carelessly through the park while dragging my tiny dog around."

"Hey, assistant, stand off-camera while I shower my unaffectionate, tattoo'd boyfriend with love (because god knows, he needs a shower)."

"Hey, assistant, while you're off camera arguing with the paparazzi, can you hold my tiny dog's leash? Yeah, i know. Tiny dogs are so last year. Can you call the breeder again and see if he'll take it back for a thousand bucks?

"Hey assistant, while you're off-camera, arguing with the paparazzi, holding my tiny dog (so last year), and calling the breeder, can you text message tara reid and tell her to stop calling my man? Tell that slutty bitch to back off! You're so sweet, assistant. Love you!"

Michael K said...

That dog is so beautiful! You know he hates her ass and is always afraid she's going to chomp on him!

gabsmash said...

okay, i admit that dog is cute.

neal..i was wondering about that leash and the poor nailed it