Friday, September 30, 2005

I can't believe...

That Jessica Simpson is actually carrying the same bag twice. She must be cutting back.

How do I look?

Yeah, that's Victoria Beckham. Love the boots

Brad is an old man

Jennifer Aniston found a newer, stronger and younger version of the tired Brad Pitt. His name is Geoffrey Stults, you may have seen him on the show 7th Heaven.

A source said, "Jen is mad for Geoff. They are head over heals for each other." Where have we heard that before? Geoff is 27 and Aniston is 36...she must be feeling much better.

Celeb quote of the day

"To be honest, the troops would probably be more interested in seeing a lot of pretty girls than us."

Mick Jagger, says he would still love to play for them

Thursday, September 29, 2005


Lindsay Lohan taping her new video Confessions of a Broken Heart. You know you can't wait

Kate Moss in rehab

Kate Moss checked herself into rehab to kick her cocaine addiction.

Kate, who earlier this month was pictured snorting lines of the drug, will undergo 30 days intensive treatment in the renowned Meadows Center, in Phoenix, Arizona, to cure her of her drug addiction.

She flew out to the US by private jet and will now be cut off from the outside world for the duration of the course.

During her stay, "Kate will share a room with two other women and talk about her addiction in regular group therapy sessions, and also have to give up numerous luxuries, including cigarettes."


Madame Tussauds?

No, Angelina Jolie is actually doing business. She "attended a roundtable discussion on improving the way the public and private sectors can work together to promote global AIDS relief" on Capitol Hill yesterday.

Celeb quote of the day

I have really small, tiny ankles that I don't like. I used to want to have a bigger chest, but now I like being flat. Clothes fit better and I really don't need a bra."

Nicole Richie, if she could change her body

Brandon & Mischa

Hanging out again. He is looking svelte, why does she have a baby sea turtle dangling from her purse?

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Naomi mania

Naomi Campbell's airline lost her bags in Columbia and she went into a frenzy. Well, the bag only had 70 designer dresses and 20 pairs of shoes inside. What girl's doesn't?

A local journalist said, "She flew into a rage even cursing the Colombians and in one of her world-famous strops, wanted to return to New York, where she had just flown in from."

Naomi calmed down when the airline big wig gave her a special K, I mean told her the luggage had been sent to Houston, Texas, by mistake.

Naomi was in South America to work for a UN campaign against sex slavery and some modeling/judging competition. Colombian media ignored her request not to question her about Kate Moss's cocaine problems.

Thanks to iopine xo

What up.

Ryan Phillipe out in LA doing the club thing. I'm with Dlisted the hat is getting old.

Celeb quote of the day

"I haven't worked out in 18 months, and I just started training for a film two days ago. I'm in so much pain I can hardly lift my arms."

Daryl Hannah

Pam Anderson's stalker

Pamela Anderson filed for a restraining order against a man she claims has confronted her and her children.

Anderson contends that William Stansfield, 29, has been "stalking and harassing me, my sons and other family members for more than a month," according to court documents.

Anderson said she saw Stansfield talking to her 7-year-old son at school. She said when she approached him, he told her he wanted her to stop working on her TV series "Stacked" and commit to a movie he had written for her.

"I was very uncomfortable and immediately told him to leave us alone, and my sons and I left the school," Anderson said.

She mentioned three other incidents that "frightened me tremendously" in which Stansfield allegedly confronted her mother, sister-in-law and a baby sitter.

Baby count down

Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner out shopping in Santa Monica for baby...awww

See! We're still together

Paris and her man clone...We're not falling for it, his papa said no. Wait. Do you care? That's what I thought.


Alec Baldwin has diagnosed himself with obsessive compulsive disorder. Remember him? He said he intentionally misses his flights so he can reorganize his house. Poor, poor Basinger.

Baldwin said, "I have self-diagnosed OCD. I think if you have OCD, it's one thing if you are compulsive about things but there's no real cost to you."

"But you have a problem if there's a limo waiting for you downstairs and you have to get to JFK in the next 45 minutes and you feel like these flowers should go this way."

"The thing is, you always feel the need to do it, mostly when there's something at stake. Like, I will literally be leaving my apartment in New York and I've got to go to the airport. The worst possible time is when the bell rings loudest. A voice will say to me, 'Move the snowglobe to the right three inches.'"

Affleck goes Arnold

The Washington Post reports Virginia Democrats have plans to run Ben Affleck against Republican Senator George Allen in next year's election. What?!

University of Virginia professor Larry Sabato says, "It spread pretty widely, at least in the political underground."

Affleck's representative says there's no reason to think Affleck would run, but adds, "He would make a superb public candidate for public office in the future."

Get out the sharpie

Victoria Beckham picks up her son at school..wonder if she realizes that we can see his face

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I love my gauchos

Jessica Simspon in Soho.

Heatherette is sweet freaky

Nicky color feeling the fall fashion


Kelly Osborne & Naomi Campbell

Amanda LePore is, oh my, next.

Where's Gwen?

06' Winter Olympics

Check it

Go and check out this guy rocks. Suggest a title for his new track and win a $25 Best Buy gift card if you're chosen, how easy is that?

Another Trump

Donald Trump and Melania Knauss announced they are expecting their first child together. It will be the fifth child for the Donald, who has three children from his first marriage to Ivana Trump and one from his second marriage to Marla Maples.

Celeb quote of the day

"Uhh, I don't really remember much of that day...At a certain point, you just take a deep breath and dive in. And then the water's freezing, and you jump out as fast as you can."

Jake Gyllenhaal, on filming his gay sex scenes in Brokeback Mountain with Heath Ledger

The Devil Wears Prada

Anne Hathaway in a scene from the upcoming film. Meryl Streep plays her satanic magazine editor in NYC, where her character scores a job.

Oh God, there's another one

Brooke Brinson, pictured far left. Yes, she is the cousin of Paris and Nicky. She showed up to party with Paris before the Emmy's and photogs went wild on her arrival- she was in a black Ferarri of course. Expect to see her pop up more...oh boy!

Monday, September 26, 2005

Harper's shoot

Charlize Theron in Harper's Bazaar

Make that Nanny work!

Britney Spears...already back to her normal life after giving birth.

Hold the door

Crisco is right behind me. Couldn't resist. Mischa Barton has been hanging with this dude, Cisco Adler. Are her parents alive? He may resemble a 70's porn star, I wouldn't know I swear.

Thanks shrimp

Beckhams son is a blob

David & Victoria Beckham requested that their son's face be blocked out in his school group photo- with the exception of THEIR copy of course. Six year old Brooklyn's face was replaced with a blob in all the pics.

PR advisor Jose Nguyen said, "Beckham told the headmaster that he did not want other people to see his son's face and I instructed people to abide by those wishes."

Other parents weren't too happy about it and some believe that the move could lead to Brooklyn being bullied. I wonder if all celebs do this?

If YOU are safe and dry, please help!

One of the best blogs out there and our absolute favorites-
Cityrag is asking for a little help. Between Katrina and Rita, our aid and prayers are still needed. And don't forget the pets, they need us too. ForgottonNY and Cityrag are matching donations and digging deep in their pockets so please stop by and check it out when you get time.

Celeb quote of the day

"I think I'm sexual in pictures and the way I dress and my whole image, but at home, I'm really not like that."

Paris Hilton

I don't want a pickle....

Just a ride on my motorsickle. Brad and Angelina ride around Edmonton, Canada.

Ashton finally gives in

Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore got married on Saturday in Los Angeles. US mag reported that the wedding was attended by about 100 of the couple's friends, including Moore's second husband, Bruce Willis. Also at the wedding were actress Lucy Liu and Moore's three daughters from her marriage to Willis.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Celeb quote of the day

"To be honest, I'm pretty much generally horny. The one time I wasn't was when I had a concussion."

Johnny Knoxville

Nick and Abercrombie

Jessica Simpson's husband Nick Lachey is going to be the hot Abercrombie & Fitch boy in their new ad campaign.

Nick has reportedly been offered a cool $750,000 to appear in the notoriously sexy Abercrombie & Fitch catalogue and in print ads. "They want Nick to pose for their billboards, magazine ads and even their racy catalogue," a source said.

Kidman does Dallas?

Nicole Kidman has shown interest in the big screen version of the eighties soap Dallas. She already bought some cowboy boots in LA and has even gone line dancing. So Texan of her. Nicole is after the character Sue Ellen.

Billy Bob Thornton and John Travolta are rumored to be up for the part of JR.

Hayek gets chubby

Salma Hayek is piling on the pounds to star in the crime movie Lonely Hearts. Based on a true story, Salma plays an overweight woman who viciously killed 20 lonely widows in the 1940s. John Travolta, James Gandolfini, Jared Leto and Laura Dern are also in the film due out next year.

Friday, September 23, 2005

New victim?

Tara catches JC Chasez, I mean a fashion show in Barcelona

Where's the fur?

JLO does a Sweetface charity fashion show in Chicago