Sunday, March 19, 2006

Brooke Shields will name baby "Grier"

Brooke had a Moroccan-themed baby shower for her second baby girl due next month. She will name the baby Grier. Brooke's shower included a dinner party for 35 of her favorite friends. "I wanted a lovely dinner to include my male friends," she said.

"Brooke was simply glowing all evening," a friend said. Brooke told her 2 year old Rowan, "The baby is going to live in our house." She said there was a long pause and Rowan said, "She is going to live in my house?"



Anonymous said...

Forget about the faux pas of a name, people should only have showers for their first baby, no?

Marcia said...

Grier is so weird. I liked Rowan, but... Grier? No.