Monday, March 20, 2006

Paris is fading away

Not only are her 15 minutes almost up, it looks like Hilton's Niarchos time is too.

After a recent LA party, a source told the New York Post, "She was overheard asking event staffers if Olympic skier Jeremy Bloom was coming to the bash because her 'friend' had a crush on him. When he didn't turn up she asked a friend, 'Are there any hot guys here? I need a hot guy'."

She also said she has a crush on British singer James Blunt. Paris said, "I love James Blunt. I love the fact he used to be in the army. That's pretty hot." Pffft.

Bang Showbiz


Anonymous said...

She is starting to go grey from it all....Good bye to Paris, good bye!

bubbles said...

So glad to see her go. All of her guys get sick of her ass too. The world is sick of her!

Quesoqueso said...

Who, oh who will be the next victim of this tramp. Poor fellow.

bottega said...

Obviously her hair is the next victim.

chloeinLA said...

As evidence from this video, her T-Mobile Sidekick is the victim: