Monday, March 27, 2006

Richie Sambora seeks joint custody

Richie Sambora is seeking joint custody of his daughter with Heather Locklear. He is asking for joint physical and legal custody of the estranged couple's daughter, Ava, and requests the pair's premarital agreement be enforced.

Sambora also asked the court to give up its right to order him to pay spousal support to Locklear.

Attorneys for both Locklear and Sambora declined to comment.


neal gardner said...

"Joint" custody... ha ha!
Y'see, it's funny because... well. .. he's a musician, and musicians like to smoke joints... ummm... yeah.

WHYYY?!!!!! I had such high hopes for Samlockboralear!!! They were so happy together... WE were so happy together!!!! WHY, GOD, WHHHYYYYY?!!!!!

DrDiSaia said...

It's gonna get ugly folks.

and that ain't fugly.....