Monday, March 20, 2006

For a good cause

Celebs at the John Varvatos 4th Annual Stuart House Benefit. The Stuart House serves the special needs of child victims of sexual abuse.

Brooke Shields

Angie Harmon & Brooke Shields

Brendan Frasier

Greg Kinnear

Angie Harmon

Musician Chris Cornell & Daughter (for Beda!)

David Schwimmer


TheIdleReceptionist said...

Angie Harmon looks fab! Also, how are Brooke Sheild's boobs so small and she's way prego? Maybe they'll inflate after the birth...hmm...

bubbles said...

Harmon looks cute.

~Shell~ said...

Wow Brooke Shields is really really pregnant already! It seems like she just announced it.

Angie Harmon looks fabulous :)

Anonymous said...

did Brooke's kid make her that necklace in preschool arts n crafts? And Schwimmer looks so preppy there!

Sassy said...

what happened to brendan frasier? didn't even recognize him!