Friday, March 31, 2006

Guinness Gwyneth

Pregnant Gwyneth Paltrow "stunned diners" earlier this week when she ordered what looked like raw fish and then downed a beer. Yum! No.

Paltrow and husband Chris Martin dined at the NYC sushi bar Cube 63 where Paltrow ordered a salad and what appeared to be sushi, which is thought to be potentially harmful during pregnancy.

Martin left the restaurant to pick up several bottles of Guinness at a nearby deli and when he returned, diners were surprised when Paltrow, who is five months pregnant with the couple's second child, drank one herself. According to a witness, "People were looking and waving, and she just tried to melt further into the corner."

Some health experts recommend a little Guinness for expectant mothers because of the drink's high iron content. A rep confirmed she drank the alcoholic beverage, but said she ate only cooked food, not sushi.


neal gardner said...

The alcohol kills the germs in the raw fish. And brain cells. But it does make for some wild pregnant sex.

Nineveh said...

She is NOT 5 months pregnant. She's at least 8 months along and due in a few weeks.

Jennifer said...

The issue of drinking is aimed towards North Americans who typically binge drink. In Europe, pregnant women often partake, with meals in small amounts. Their rates of FAS and FAE are significantly lower than in NA. Also, in Germany beer is often given to women even while in hospital to stimulate breast milk production.