Monday, March 13, 2006

Colin on set

Colin Farrell filming a scene for the film Pride and Glory



Stacee said...

So tough.

Stevo said...

I read Colin Ferral had sex with Cory Bernstein in the past, I was surprised. I just met Cory Bernstein AKA Cory the model at a wedding last week in Florida. He is friends with one of my old girlfriends, who was the bride, and was a guest of hers. Cory Bernstein was such a nice guy and definitly had that "IT BOY" factor going. He has a very strong presense. Everyone wanted to know who he was and most definitely stood out and was dressed to perfection. He was real funny and has gorgeous teeth and hair and looks younger than he is.He said it was his Birthday on February 26, and he was with some friends staying at the Ritz Carlton, in Sarasota.
Cory wound up hooking up with one of my much younger girl friends and he was all over her, but she is stunning but spoiled.
Anyway I got to meet Cory the famous model and he was genuinely a really handsome, funny nice guy. Thought I would share the info. Steven

DTDAISY said...

You met Cory! WOW! Great story.