Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Uma, Andre...Andre, Uma

Uma Thurman is single again after splitting from boyfriend Andre Balazs. The pair apparently went their separate ways last month, but only confirmed the news this week.

"They recently got into a huge fight and Uma dumped him," a source said. "Uma had decided he was not the kind of man she would marry and was looking for a way out."

Thurman's publicist said, "Unfortunately, it is true. But they remain close friends." However, a friend of the couple claims they're only "taking a break" and will get back together. I'm going with the publicist


Anonymous said...

Why is it, that in every picture I've ever seen of Uma, she either looks stunning, or totally haggard? There's never any ''middle of the road'' look for her.

luella said...

I bet she goes out and finds a hot 25 year old now.