Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Colin is taken

Colin Farrell has fallen for his latest co-star, Lake Bell (above). Colin is said to be "deeply in love" with the actress, who he met on the set of his movie, Pride and Glory. Rumor is that he has been sporting a wedding band.

"The set is abuzz with talk that they wed in a private civil ceremony during a shooting break," an on-set source reveals. "Colin's a changed man since he went into rehab last December. He no longer gets high and shoots from the hip; he's become quiet, reserved and utterly charming. The old Colin would have blabbed straight away if he'd got hitched. Who wears a wedding ring before they get married? Colin has it on almost every day. The one thing he does freely admit, though, is that he and Lake are very deeply in love. And he's made absolutely no secret of the fact he feels it's time to settle down, continue building his career and start to focus, too, on a family."

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