Thursday, June 01, 2006

Dude, swear...I took a shower

A squeaky clean Federline does a photoshoot for Item mag


neal gardner said...

I found this on Kevin Federline's official website (in the Updates section):

Deer B-Dog,

This is K-Fed (you'r hubby). I love you so much I took a shower. I knows we are haveing troubel but watever happings I love you. And my car and new wach you got me for my birthday. pleas dont call the lawyers anymore.just let me keep my junk (you dont want it). and plees put more money in my bank. thank you.

love K-Fed
(you'r hubby)

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TheIdleReceptionist said...

OMG!!!1 LMFAO!!!11!1 ROTFL!!!!11

U ppl R so cR@zee!

COUGH*COUGH. Excuse me.

I acctually heard K-Fiddle was quoted as saying his kids were going to have to learn hard work and not grow up privileged and work at Taco Bell.

I admire how he's passing on his great work ethic to all his (many) babies.

markus said...

he looks like a creepy salesman!

Jenni said...

Nice hair-do. What? Did his mommy do it for him?

This guy can't catch a break no matter what he does. Poor K-Fed.