Tuesday, June 06, 2006

MTV Movie Awards Thursday

Don't forget to watch the awards 9 pm ET/PT on Thursday. Check out Jossip's sneak peek

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neal gardner said...

"Jessica! Jessica! Over here!! Hi... E! News Daily... what do you think of the reports that Ryan Seacrest's rep will be calling you in approximately 20 minutes to ask you if you would like to go out on a date with Mr. Seacrest? No? You wouldn't like to date Mr. Seacrest? Oh, dear. Ok, thanks, Jessica."
(sound of phone dialing)
"Yeah, hey. Alba's like a dead fish. ok. Meet me at the after-party with a bag of roofies, an entourage of no less than ten bodyguards, and a stretch Hummer parked outside. yeah, that's right. ten bodyguards. uh-uh. we have to do this quietly, or Mr. Seacrest will not be pleased. Great. See you soon... kiss kiss!"