Monday, June 12, 2006

Parade wave

J Lo and Marc Anthony were the "surprise stars" of New York City's annual Puerto Rican Day festivities yesterday.

"The Puerto Rican parade has been a long-standing tradition in my life," Anthony told the crowd. "It was always an event that I looked forward to every single year."

Lopez told People, "I've never tried to hide the fact that I'm Latina. I think that's why Hispanics are like, 'She's ours; she's out there, but she belongs to us' – and that's true. With the Latino community, I am theirs. I do belong to them – that's who I am."


samida said...

I love Jenny Lopez like my first LV bag and manolo's but I find that statement hard to digest since most of the films she's starred in, she passes for another race (i.e "Wedding Planner"-Italian) Still love her, though!

Beanie said...

When she was with Diddy, she was J Lo. But when she started dating and became engaged to Ben Affleck, she definitely played down her Puerto Rican heritage. When she married Marc she was Pro-Puerto Rican again.

TheIdleReceptionist said...

In a way, she's creating racism herself. She reminds us that even though she's rich, she's still Puerto Rican.

Apparently authentic Puerto Rican's aren't successful. Thanks for that, J-Blo.