Monday, June 12, 2006

Richards speaks up

Denise Richards has spoken out for the first time to ET about her drama. "The thing with Heather, that's been hard," she said. "You know you can't help who you fall for and that friendship, unfortunately, was done and wasn't salvageable."

She insisted that her relationship with Sambora was "the last thing I was looking for," saying, "it's true when they say things happen when you least expect it."

"People have gone on, 'Would you date your best friend's husband?'she says. "You know, she wasn't my best friend. She was a close friend in the last couple of years. I hadn't known her my whole life like people are portraying this." She added, "It's been tough having people think that I'm such a crappy friend."


d mumsie said...

she would date a dead dog if what was left of it seemed to be male, pretty much describes her attraction to this dead beat cheating hubby of someone else.

themakeupgirl said...

She is a crappy friend! If the estranged husband of anyone that I knew or spent time with (since she defines the term friend so loosely)made any advances toward me I would shut it down. Bump all that "You can't help who you fall for.." crap. That is a HUGE no no..