Monday, July 03, 2006

Celeb quote of the day

"I thought it was the goal to end up in a multimillion-dollar apartment. But I ended up in one, and I went, 'this sucks.'"

John Mayer

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neal gardner said...

John Mayer, after realizing that his million-dollar apartment sucks, abruptly locked up the doors and threw the keys into the river.
Having shed himself of his worldly trappings, John Mayer walked down the street and was quickly chased by 20 hot, blond groupies.
"This sucks," John thought to himself as he was thrown to the ground and sexually abused by the 20 hot, blond groupies.
After the attack, John swore off hot groupies, blond or otherwise. He felt better afterwards.
His happiness would be short-lived , sadly.
John went to an ATM machine to get a $20. When he checked his balance, it had over $800,000 available.
"This sucks," John said out loud as he realized that if he were to withdraw $20, he would only have $799,978.25 left in his account. John has a real problem with uneven-looking numbers. To remedy this, he gave his ATM card to the homeless guy at the bank who'll open the door for you for a quarter.
With no home, groupies or money, John Mayer finally felt like his life didn't suck. We should all be happy for John Mayer.