Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Correspondent tiger fight

A source told Star magazine in this week's issue that Nancy O'Dell and correspondent Maria Menounos simply "cannot stand each other."

"It’s a real catfight," the spy said. "They refuse to work together and hate being in the same room with each other. Makeup and hair staffers have to schedule the times far apart!"

The drama started when O'Dell complained that "Maria isn’t interested in being a journalist. She just wants to be a star," the source says. She said that Maria, a former actress, received special treatment, got more air time and was given extra days off to pursue working in films.

Maria thinks Nancy is simply jealous because Maria's "younger and prettier," the source says. As far as O'Dell? "She knows her high value and she’s tired of having to fight for her own show. There's interest in her from other shows and she feels the time may be right to pursue those options."

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mrgeemoneee said...

Can I just say that Maria is SOOOO annoying???? That laugh is more like a drunk witches cackle... Nancy is like wine...getting better with age (my MILF)!