Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Diddy...new daddy?

Rumor is Diddy's girlfriend Kim Porter is with child. He has a nine-year-old son, Christian, with Porter and a 12-year-old son, Justin, by Misa Hylton Brimm.

The buzz started when Porter didn't guzzle champagne in St. Tropez recently. Diddy threw his big annual White Party and a launch party for his new men's fragrance..still, a sober Kim.

Their photo shoot for his cologne in Monte Carlo "aroused further suspicion she might be pregnant when she wore loose shirts."

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Anonymous said...

This one comes straight from SOUTH AFRICA. P. DIDDY, are you mad enough to listen to these comments which says LOVELY KIM PORTER is not good looking, are you?

In SOUTH AFRICA we have a XHOSA IDIOM, Which says "Ubuhle beKhiwane ziMpethu" that means "The Beauty of the Mushroom are Worms inside it.

This is a warning, it tries to point the fact that you should try to look from Within other than the Outside. Beauty doesn't describe the warmth and sweetness of your heart. Go Man, get Maried, trust me she'll make a Man and tell J-Z to get married.

In AFRICA you not a man enough until you find someone to live with. I love KIM, if he dumps you just know you've got a place in South Africa strictly reserved for you Sweetheart, you beautiful. KIM make SEAN JOHN COMBS A MAN, HE'S NOT A MAN WITHOUT YOU, ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT.

DIDDY I'm your Big Fan and still can't stop thinking about my Main Man, Notorious BIG. Lastly, if we don't love these woman who's going to love them?, THAT'S YOUR FUTURE WIFE, don't F*** WITH IT