Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Swank has a boyfriend

Hilary Swank has her own Vince Vaughn that has helped her get through the bad... Hollywood agent John Campisi.

Life & Style reports "the couple was spotted kissing and holding hands while taking in the romantic sights of Rome on August 27."

Campisi says his relationship with the actress is all about business and friendship-strictly platonic. A Hilary pal said, "Hilary cried on his shoulder when she and Chad split. He comforted her through that intensely difficult period." Campisi was Swank's date to the Academy Awards in March and apparently they have been together ever since.

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d mumsie said...

It appears she's a cunning manipulator. She could have discretely ended the marriage but NO, she had Shame enough to use her fame to demean her already downtrodden husband, to throw any careful examination or inquiry as to her own bad deeds..? Not that she is bad to love someone else, but why did she have to stab her ex in the back so publically?