Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Surprise....K Fed slammed

The verdict is in, Kevin Federline's TV debut as a rapper was a flop. On Sunday, he performed his single "Lose Control" at the Teen Choice Awards.

"Don't hate because I'm a superstar! And I'm married to a superstar! Nothin' come between us no matter who you are!"... he sang with pride.

Elliot Wilson, editor in chief of XXL magazine, hadn't seen Federline's TV debut. Still, he called it a "YouTube disaster" - something to be laughed off in hip-hop circles.

"I just think we ignore him," Wilson told The Associated Press on Monday. "He's a joke, basically. ... I just don't think he gets it. He doesn't get that he's Britney's man and it's hard to take him seriously."

Jermaine Hall, executive editor of King magazine, said "The thing that really hurts him is the fact that he's perceived as Britney's husband," Hall, who had yet to see the performance, told the AP. "You know, kinda like Britney's second- I don't even want to say second in command, but - he's like the Britney Boy. He's like Mrs. Spears, and it's kinda hard to get over that perception."

Look, if the guy had talent, it wouldn't matter who he was married to. If people actually liked the music he put out there- he would be successful. End of story.



markus said...

ooopf... he was awful. but i liked britney & her chewing gum.

Katerina said...

Damn, I am starting to feel sorry for the guy... Nothing he EVER does is ok. Well, for obvious reasons, but still.