Friday, March 09, 2007

Brit on the defense

Despite all of the wacky rumors, it's pretty simple: Brit is miserable in rehab. A source tells Us Weekly, "She has been getting in tons of trouble. She's convinced she's suffering from postpartum depression and does not think she has an alcohol or drug problem."

Brit reportedly feels that she was "ambushed" by her family and manager and she's pissed off at all of them. "They're in shock at what bad shape she's in. They're nervous," says the source.


Granma said...

I suffer from bipolar disorder and am also guilty of substance abuse. Bit bit accept that it is possible and have both treated

d mumsie said...

All the doctor in charge has to say is.. she needs an entirely mature personality make-over with good moral standards and values, or she can't raise those kids without strict supervision.