Friday, March 02, 2007

Lohan almost slams mother and daughter

Ellen Morrissey has gone public with her drunken "nightmare Lohan encounter" claiming that after she asked smelly Lohan for a photo, she sped off, almost hitting her and her daughter Erin, 13. Nice.

Morrissey spotted Lohan outside the Hotel Roosevelt at 2:30am on February 18, when Linds was on a break from rehab. She approached Lohan and asked her to pose for a picture with her daughter.

Morrissey says, "Lindsay was holding a glass of clear liquid with a wedge of lemon in it, and she seemed to slur when she spoke. She also appeared to stagger to her car." She also said Linds reeked of alcohol. Lovely! So when you see Lohan at the clubs with her own's water. Okay?

After agreeing to pose for the pic, Lohan then sped off in her Mercedes, forcing the Morrisseys to jump out of the way.

Lohan's rep said, "Ellen Morrissey should be more concerned about her daughter being up at 2:30am than about Lindsay." Yeah Lady! Staying up late is a felony! Leave the fake rehab lush alone...drunk driving is IN!

The Enquirer

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Anonymous said...

maybe if she asked to drink with her it would have been ok.