Thursday, March 08, 2007

Gisele & Tom...It's serious

Life & Style reports that Gisele Bundchen recently took boyfriend Tom Brady back home to Brazil to meet her parents.

The couple went on the low to Bundchen's native Porto Alegre, where her parents Vania and Valdir still live.

Sources say the trip is a sign that Gis is mad about Brady, because the only other guy she took home to meet the parents was Leonardo DiCaprio. "They both really liked Tom. Gisele wouldn't introduce Tom to her parents if she didn't think this relationship was serious."


Anonymous said...

Girls - don't even look at Tom cause you might end up pregnant.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness Tom never hooked up with Maria Sharapova or Anna Kournakova.
Can you imagine a real life "Brady Bunch" more than it's going to be now?
Two kids, two baby momma's. He's becoming just like alot of NFL and NBA players of a certain color- a player.