Thursday, March 01, 2007

Later Virgie

A Florida appeals court ruled yesterday to uphold the previous decision of Judge Larry Seidlin giving custody of Anna Nicole's body to Dannielynn's court-appointed advocate, Richard Milstein.

TMZ reports that Anna's funeral "will be, as her life was, over the top," according to a friend who's organizing the memorial.

About 300 guests will gather at a church in the Bahamas tomorrow, and Anna will be dressed in a custom-made gown. "What's not certain is whether her casket will be open or closed, and whether her mother, Virgie Arthur, who dropped her bid to bury Anna in her native Texas, will attend." Of course Virgie will not attend- unless she can make some money from it


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bonni said...

Maybe I'm biased because I've been estranged from my own mother for years, but I think Anna's wishes should be honoured. She apparently couldn't stand her mother, wanted nothing to do with her, didn't talk to her or visit her.

Now that Anna's dead, suddenly the mother she despised shows up wanting all sort of rights and priveleges that Anna would NEVER have granted her when she was alive?

I don't believe for a minute that their estrangement was cause by drugs (as Virgie claims).

Yay for the court for recognising that Anna didn't want anything to do with her mother!